Scholarship for Syria

It will take decades to rebuild Syria after this devastating crisis. Where are the next generation of leaders who will have to undertake the task?

They are teenagers today – and many are cut off from higher education. Well over a million Syrian children are refugees in other countries. Millions more are internally displaced within Syria itself, and neighboring countries in a catastrophe the United Nations ranks as among the worst humanity has ever witnessed, and which shows no signs of ending.

Emergency rescue efforts prioritize safety, food and shelter. While understandable, that means education is often overlooked – especially for girls. Syria not only needs to survive the current crisis, it needs to avoid losing a generation.

Through an initiative called Irada – the Arabic word for strong will – we want to create Scholarships for Syrian girls and boys. Drawing on BRC’s expertise in other refugee situations, and partnering with Syrian NGOs, we will identify outstandingly talented young refugees and displaced people, and enable them to get a top university education. In return, we ask them to commit to finding future opportunities to help rebuild their country.

We need your help to create the next generation of Syrian leaders. Please donate now.


The Irada initiative was started by a group of Young Global Leaders from the World Economic Forum with experience in education, NGOs, journalism and business.

Its advisory board comprises:
Lorna Solis

Founder and CEO of Blue Rose Compass

Bjarte Reve
CEO at Nansen Neuroscience Network, Norway

Abdulsalam Haykal
CEO of Haykal Group

Lara Setrakian
Co-Founder and Executive Editor of News Deeply, including


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