More than one in four of the world’s refugees can be found in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the UNHCR, with violent upheavals ongoing from the Central African Republic to the Great Lakes region to South Sudan.Around three million Africans have crossed a border to seek refuge in a country other than their own. Somalia alone accounts for a million of them – putting it second only to Afghanistan in the world. Millions more Africans are displaced within their own countries, forced to flee their homes by violent conflict.In a region where only seven in ten children finish primary school, young refugees are especially at risk of missing out on an education. The communities which are most in need of skilled and educated leaders to rebuild them are those where the natural talents of young people are most likely to go to waste.Working especially with Somali and South Sudanese communities, Blue Rose Compass® identifies outstandingly talented young refugees and displaced people, and enables them to get a top university education and jobs on graduation. In return, we ask them to commit to finding future opportunities to help rebuild their country.ture opportunities to help rebuild their country.