We have been incredibly fortunate to partner with prestigious global companies and top tier learning institutions in providing outstanding opportunities to extraordinary scholars. Our rigorous screening process matches candidates with opportunities in which they will excel. Our scholars receive unparalleled support, maximizing their learning potential, setting them up for success and allowing them to participate to the highest degree possible. Not only is their experience richer, but that of all those who interact with BRC Scholars too. As they share their vision and hope for peace and reconstruction in their home regions with their classmates and colleagues, we encourage you to partner with us in sharing their hope and vision.

  • By providing paid internships and/or full-time employment to our Scholars, our partners take dramatic steps in retaining talent in the region, mitigating the “brain drain”.
  • Scholarships are the springboard for our Scholars in their journey to reach back and repatriate their success. Every campus that has a BRC Scholar in attendance provides a unique perspective to the rest of its student body.
  • Partners that donate new technology play a crucial role in ensuring our Scholars’ success.
  • When providing mentorship for Scholars, our partners become architects in breaking down stereotypes and building true cross-cultural understanding.
  • In instances where a purely academic scholarship is available, partners that provide health insurance, clothing and/or housing can be the tipping point for whether the BRC Scholar may accept the Scholarship.